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Welcome to the UK Ambassador Website!


This is just a temporary introduction page to introduce this domain. The idea that I have for this site, is to allow British Ambassadors / diplomats in foreign countries, both official and unofficial to introduce themselves on this site.

I have started by introducing myself on this page.

The options available on this site are: either to just have a few pages on this main website or to create a subdomain on here using your own name.

e.g. If your name is 'John Smith' then you could have the subdomain of John-Smith.ambassador.org.uk which would operate as an independent website in it's own right but which would be listed in the main directory of this website for easy access in the future.


This website is relatively new and I shall be finalising the overall theme and adding to it in time.


If you wish to email me: ian@reedinter.co.uk

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